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Every website needs a domain name, for example the domain name of this site is  We are able to arrange domain names for you, and ensure they are kept registered so that you don't lose them.  

Domain names consist of two parts, the main part, for example sme-web, and the qualifier, e.g. net, which is called the Top Level Domain (TLD).  Together they must make a name that is unique within the world.  To ensure uniqueness all names are registered, but not all in one place.  There is a registry in the UK which registers names that end in .uk, and another in the US that registers names that don't have a country indicator.  If you want a particular name you can enter the main part in the box below and we will check to see what qualifiers are available to go with that name.  You can then register the name through us, using a form that will appear when you find a good available name.

The cost of a domain name depends on where it is registered.  Names in the UK are cheaper than names registered in the US.  We charge £10 a year for UK registered names, and £20 a year for US registered ones.  We include upto to 10 email addresses for forwarding because that gives you a more professional image:  research has shown people are more likely to order from a company which has its own email domains than has those that use generic ones.

VAT is added to all our prices. 

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It is often an advantage to have more than one domain name for your website, to find out more click here.



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