Multiple Domain Names

A number of our sites can be accessed through more than one domain name.  Often they will have one domain which reflects the company name and another which reflects what they sell and where they sell it.  The reason for having a domain which reflects the product or service is that search engines will find those more easily when someone searches for the product. For example our domain is but we also have

If you sell both in the UK and abroad you can also consider buying a .com domain name as well as a one as these work better from abroad.

Here are some more examples:

Bann Valley Miscanthus (Miscanthus clean fuel, bedding and mulch):

Beckfield House (Residential Care):

Expertology (Management and Leadership Courses for Doctors)

ADRO Exceutive Cars (Luxury chaffeur driven cars):

And, of course, SME-Web (Web Design and Hosting):

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