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A one page website is an affordable web presence for a small business, and is a very economical way to get started on the web.  
We will:

All this this for 70 a year.  (plus VAT)

If you have been thinking about getting a website, but are concerned how much work can be spent getting it right, take the first step and get your company out there on the web for very little effort and cost.  Remember that 95% of consumers prefer companies with a company specific email address and distrust companies with generic ones (e.g. hotmail or AOL).  Make yourself look professional with our affordable websites.

We keep the cost affordable for you by using standard designs and modifying them to suit your business.  You can see a few examples on our examples page or you can see a long list of designs that we use if you go to our list of designs. This will open in a new window and take a long time to load, your computer may even get impatient and ask if you you want to stop, say no to see them all, and you may have to do it a few times.  There are over 400 templates which is why it is slow to load.

Below we show one of our standard designs and how it can be varied for your company.  The main variations being the background colour the pictures, and how many products you wish to show.  This standard design allows up to two products to be shown, if you require more this can be done using our multipage offering.  If you click on one of the pages you will get a full size view in a new window.  The picture at the top left and the product pictures can be your own pictures.

Starter Design with a black background and two productsStarter design with a blue background and one product

Starter design in Red with no productsStarter design with a green background and two products.

To order a site like this search for a domain name using the form below, once you have found one that you like and is available, click on it and you will be presented with an order form.  If you already have a domain name, please use the contact us page to order.

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