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CMS stands for content management system, which is a way that we can design a website for you so that you then enter the words and pictures.  We have two types of CMS, a simple one and a complex one.  The Light CMS is the simple one, it is simple in the fact that it is easy to use but has only a few different types of page.  It is good for people who want a straightforward web sites which presents them or their company in a clear uncomplicated way, and that they can make changes to what it says.

The Light CMS gives you these pages:

In addition you get these other benefits of hosting a website with SME-Web:
We can also supply you with powerful picture editting software so that you can maker the most of your photographs.

The cost is £70 to set up with a standard template, plus £120 a year for the hosting, (plus VAT). Or we can  customise the design for you and set up the first two pages (Home and Contact us) for an extra £50.

We also have a calendar which we can incorporate for £50.
To get a Light CMS website please contact us, either through the "Contact Us" page or phoning us on 0845 867 3488 or emailing us at

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