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CMS stands for content management system, which is a way that we can design a website for you so that you then enter the words and pictures.  We have two types of CMS, a simple one and a fully featured one.  The full CMS offers a wide range of different types of web pages and the ability to have visitors log into your site.

The Full CMS can give you these pages:

In addition you get these other benefits of hosting a website with SME-Web:
We can also supply you with powerful picture editting software so that you can maker the most of your photographs.

The cost will depend on what you want set up for you, but a medium size site without e-commerce will cost about is £1,200 to set up, plus £150 a year for the hosting, (plus VAT).
To get a Full CMS website please contact us, either through the "Contact Us" page or phoning us on 0845 867 3488 or emailing us at

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